1Combining the world’s leading predictive analytics and data mining technology with Logikview Analytics services we have developed analytics solutions for retail that will help you better engage with your customers and discover the rewards of personalized shopping experiences. Our retail solutions do this by helping you discover in-depth consumer insights, which can be leveraged to optimize allocations, reduce supply chain inefficiencies and increase sales and profit margins.

Today, customer expectations are high and choices are typically based on interactions with brand names. Customers have also become more empowered and connected than ever. To stay competitive, retailers must understand not only past and current consumer behaviour, but must also be able to predict future consumer behaviour.

Our analytical solution enables retailers to have precise prediction and recognition of customer behaviour while helping retailers keep customers, improving sales, and extending the relationship with their customers. Using the industry leading predictive modelling tools, Logikview Analytics will allow retailers to predict demand, optimize inventory and drive maximum profitability across every channel.

Common applications in this industry include the following: