productMaintenance costs are one of the largest factors affecting a plant’s budget. Attempts to reduce these costs have led to the development of various maintenance strategies. Predictive maintenance is a defect inspection strategy that uses indicators to prepare for future problems and predict when maintenance should be performed. This analytics technique offers cost savings over routine or time-based preventive maintenance.

Using industry leading predictive modeling software, our predictive maintenance solutions approach data sources to predict equipment flaws and failure so your firm can avoid financial loss and save maintenance costs. By analyzing vast quantities of data from internal and external sources, predictive analytics solutions enable the detection of everything from defects to failure patterns. This early detection of issues helps you determine which areas cause significant failure and distribute limited maintenance resources cost-effectively.

Logikview’s predictive maintenance helps to reduce maintenance costs by predicting when and where equipment failures are likely to occur. Through Logikview Analytics’ method of maintenance, downtimes are avoided and resources, systems and components can be deployed more efficiently.