Today’s environment of increasing manufacturing complexity and tightening margins has escalated the need for an operational intelligence infrastructure that provides insight into corporates supply chain and allows for timely decisions and actions to mitigate risk and manage costs. Manufacturers faced with increasing data volumes, user requirements, and complex queries, waste precious time with business intelligence infrastructures that unable to keep pace with growing demands. Every manufacturer shares a common competitive component.

Combining industry-leading statistical and modelling software with highly customized research and business consulting services from Logikview Analytics, we offer analytics solutions for manufacturing help leading manufacturers in central India to rightly predict the product demand and accordingly plan the production cycle. Our manufacturing solutions do this by enabling you to develop customer-centric, data-driven processes and identify predictive demand indicators aimed at improving operational planning.

Through our solutions, you can build a critical competitive advantage faster than your competitors. Logikview will help you meet and solve challenges that manufacturers face in supply chain, including detailed manufacturing data, and enables you to use those data to impact operational metrics.

Common applications in this industry include the following: