demandTo better predict and improve short-term and long-term profits, companies are under increasing pressure from internal and external stakeholders to provide more accurate sales forecasts of revenue. Thus, companies are now turning to sales and demand forecasting analytics that provide an enterprise’s data flow into the forecasting process in order to maintain a competitive position.

Logikview’s sales forecasting analytics enables a firm to help sales efforts to focus on the most profitable customers and products through their analytical solutions. These sales forecasting analytics also enable a company to analyze and manage their most effective products or plans. Logikview’s sales forecasting analytics helps to perform an effective, intuitive, and integrated sales planning process. This resolves several challenges, including limited visibility into marketing programs, managing potential shortfalls in sales, and coordinating sales forecasts with supply-chain processes to ensure corporation-wide collaboration.

Logikview Analytics’ understanding of demand forecasting is the area of predictive analytics dedicated to comprehending consumer demand for goods or services. This understanding is combined and used to forecast consumer demand. Our expertise in forecasting demand enables suppliers to keep the right amount of stock on hand. Appropriate forecasting models are vital to meeting consumers’ needs.