7As any credit manager knows, controlling risk is a delicate exercise. Too much credit exposure can lead to high default rates, while too little credit exposure might lead to loss of revenue. Assigning scores (credit scoring) to new credit applicants as well as existing customers allows to measure and balance risk exposure.

Logikview Analytics has developed 2 solutions meant to assist credit managers in assessing the credit score of individual customers:

-The Automated Credit Scorecard allows an automated development of credit scorecards, relieving the analysts from lengthy modelling and computation tasks, thus substantially reducing the time and effort needed for the production of scorecards.

-The Scorecard Modeler provides credit managers with a platform that facilitates the credit scoring process.

The Automated Credit Scorecard and Scorecards Modeler provide in-house capabilities for credit scorecard development, deployment and reporting. Risk analysts and credit managers can create or get delivered customized credit scorecards in a fast, cheap and flexible fashion.
With the two packages, you can:

-Access, transform, standardize and cleanse data;

-Test a large amount of models and algorithms (logistic regression, Bayesian network, discriminant analysis, decision trees, neural networks, and more…);

-Deploy and apply developed models to new data sets;

-Produce all measures and indicators necessary to interpret results (GINI coefficients, AUC, PD, ROC curve, K-S curve, and more…);

-Aggregate these indicators and generate credit scores.